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Heavy Breathing

Title: Heavy Breathing
Fandom: SHINee/ EXO (Younique Unit?)
Pairing: TaeKai
Rating: Hard R. Possibly NC 17. IDK I can never tell.
Summary: Tag team written with jessdislikesjam. Basically PWP without much actual porn.

Jongin pinned Taemin against the wall, fingers trailing promises across his wrist and breath hot on Taemin's collar bones - their lips brushing ever so slightly and, a defiant glint in Taemin's eyes, sharp ribcages fitting together all avant garde - lined with canvas like skin.

Golden skin against pale, elegant fingers spread wide low on torsos, gripping hips tightly.

Jongin's lips at Taemin's jaw now, varying pressures following the lines and contours of his face.

His eyes gently fluttered shut when Jongin's lips met the depression of his throat, nails dragging against soft skin.

Taemin pulled a little harder at Jongin's hips, bumping them into his, a small groan escaping, and a slight chuckle when he felt the hot exhalation on his throat.

Jongin pressed in closer, his hands sliding over Taemin's heated skin, slipping over rough jeans, gripping the elder's thighs.

He breathed out something incoherent, a mix of swearwords and gibberish that ended with Taemin's name on his tongue.

Lips meeting hungrily, Taemin ran his tongue across Jongin's bottom lip, leaving the occasional gentle nip.

Taemin's hands slid over bronzed shoulders, licking Jongin's bottom lip before exploring his mouth with his tongue again, hands buried in his hair.

Taemin slid his leg around Jongin's, holding him closer and getting friction as he bucked against the younger's thigh.

Jongin groaned into Taemin's mouth, kissing him with a fierceness that knocked Taemin's head against the wall, Jongin's fingers splayed on his butt, holding him close as he twisted his hips in skillful figure of eights, and Taemin broke the kiss, arching into the torturous grinding, Jongin tonguing his carotid artery, Taemin's nails digging into golden shoulders.

'You don't have to be such a fucking tease,' Taemin rasped out, ignoring the smirk Jongin pressed into his clavicle.

'But where's the fun in that?' Jongin whispered, chills reverberated through Taemin's bones as he rolled his hips against his slowly - with the little self control that remained dancing away as Taemin let out a soft moan.

Jongin's eyes glinted darkly as his fingers gently traced the base of Taemin's stomach, wetting his lips as his fingers toyed with the button of his pants.

Taemin was panting slightly as he tilted his hips a bit, pushing them closer to the idly teasing fingers, and Jongin breathed the hint of a chuckle as he kept his fingers only lightly tracing the pants button.

'I'm going to fucking knee you in the nuts,' Taemin muttered, and the chuckle was audible this time.

'That's not very nice,' Jongin murmured, nuzzling Taemin's neck, teeth nipping every now and then, as he ran a lazy finger along Taemin's zip, down and up again.

'Neither are you.'

Taemin let out a little hiss of surprise, the sound of Jongin's palm connecting with his butt echoing around the room, before a breathy laugh escaped his throat, his lips curving into a delighted smile, and he could feel Jongin smiling into his neck.

'Fuck you,' he murmured, running his bare foot up and down Jongin's calf as the other boy mouthed out words into his skin, languidly undoing his pants and pushing them down a bit.

'I'm trying to,' Jongin grinned, eyes crinkling as he rocked his hips against Taemin's once more for good measure.

Taemin let out a small frustrated groan, his fingers now delving just underneath the waistband of his boxers - spiralling words that screamed for release.

Jongin rested his forehead against Taemin's shoulder, a small laugh ringing out as he tugged Taemin's fingers out of his underwear (which we're going to pretend didn't lead to a small scuffle for the sake of being sexy) and pressed a kiss into his lips.

'Hyung,' he whispered between gasps of air and twirling tongues, 'That's cheating.'

Taemin sucked a purple mark into Jongin's neck, his hands skimming his sides.

'I'll show you cheating,' Taemin breathed into Jongin's shoulder, before giving a sharp kick to the back of Jongin's calf with his heel.

Jongin made a strangled sound mixed of surprise and pain, the shot causing him to fall to his knees.

He looked up to see Taemin mimicking his trademark smirk.

'Now that's where I want you,' Taemin purred, his eyes hooded, his thumb caressing Jongin's cheek.

Jongin couldn't help but chuckle, and he ran his hands along Taemin's thigh, leaning in to nose the tent in Taemin's pants, his thumbs resting just in the waistband.

'Hyung, that was mean,' he murmured into Taemin's stomach, laying butterfly kisses along the line of skin just above the waistband.

'Come on,' Taemin urged, his voice low and shaking slightly, his hands threading through Jongin's hair. 'Be a good dongsaeng.'

Jongin slowly ran his tongue across Taemin's length, dampening the material with a wet eager mouth as Taemin's head fell back.

'That tastes awful,' Jongin muttered as he opted to tug down Taemin's pants and boxers completely, smirking as the material slowly grated away against his cock.

'I don't think they were designed to taste-'

Taemin's voice cut off jaggedly as Jongin pressed a kiss to the base of his cock, lips trailing painfully slow back up to the tip of his erection before engulfing, tongue dancing madly away lapping up precum.

'Jesus, Jongin.' Taemin's hips buck, pushing his length further between the younger's lips.

If it wasn't for his mouth being very much occupied, Taemin could have sworn Jongin had smirked around his dick.

Taemin's head fell back and thunked against the wall, his fingers alternating between scrabbling for purchase on the smooth surface and fisting in Jongin's hair as the younger made his legs weak.

'Fuck,' Taemin gasped out when Jongin flicked his tongue, letting out an unintelligible moan when Jongin's throat vibrated from his chuckle.

Jongin's hand slid up Taemin's thigh, gripping it and hoisting it over his shoulder, and Taemin wasn't sure if it was going to assist or impede his fight to remain standing.

A hum, a swallow, clever fingers, and Taemin was undone, Jongin's name on his lips and his hands pulling at his hair.

Taemin slid to the floor bonelessly as he tried to regain his breath, ignoring Jongin's smirk.

'Good enough for you, hyung?' Jongin's voice was lilting with laughter, and Taemin answered with a breathless chuckle, before pulling Jongin towards him, capturing his lips with his own, tasting himself on the younger's tongue.

'I suppose as a hyung, i should be kind to my dongsaeng,' Taemin murmured into Jongin's lips, his hand snaking down the front of his pants to gently massage the bulge.

'Please,' Jongin gasped, facade of collectedness dropped, his hips jerking into Taemin's waiting touch.

Taemin slid delicate fingers around Jongin's length, going teasingly slow at first up the younger's shaft.

'Hyung, don't be like this,' Jongin growled, resting his forehead against Taemin's - flesh layered with a glittering sheen of sweat.

Taemin wordlessly increased his pace, pinky occasionally brushing the inside of Jongin's thigh, muscles tightening and relaxing under his gentle grip.

Jongin's eyes squeezed shut, barely breathing as Taemin's pace speed up further - hips bucking into his hand and cracked moans escaping his lips.

Jongin's stomach curled, teeth biting harshly into his bottom lip as he came - his pulse throbbing in his ears deafeningly as he slowly slid to the floor, legs weak. Broken.

It was Taemin’s turn to sport a proud grin as he allowed himself to collapse to the floor next to Jongin, and they lay there, breathless and satisfied, their bones in the form of jelly.

‘So much for dance practice,’ Jongin chuckled, running his hand through sweat dampened hair and Taemin chuckled, his fingers lightly tracing Jongin’s side, causing Jongin to squirm from the ticklish sensation.

‘You actually intended to practice?’ Taemin teased, getting a half-hearted push at his shoulder in return.

‘If any of the other hyungs had joined us, I would’ve,’ Jongin insisted, the back of his hand lying floppily on Taemin’s chest.

‘Don’t know about you,’ Taemin commented, pressing a kiss into the palm of Jongin’s hand, suckling the end of his finger (and act Jongin watched with interest). ‘But I’m quite glad they didn’t.’


A/N: Maxstep came out. And our TaeKai feels abounded. And then it was late and this happened. On facebook. And we’re pretty proud of it, considering it was written between 11pm and 1am on our phones- and there really weren’t many things to edit.

BONUS CRACKY ENDING THAT HAPPENED TODAY (courtesy of jessdislikesjam):

And Sehun is all like. Whatever. No1curr for this lesbian coupling.
And Luhan is like. But I ship TaeKai.